Sound Preservation and Transfer

Endpoint provides a full range of audio preservation and transfer services including: detailed physical evaluations, element identification, repairs, and re-canning as needed. Deteriorating sources are handled with our proprietary cleaning technologies and custom transfer equipment. Once all the available sources are properly organized and evaluated, all attention can be put towards extracting the very best possible sound quality from the chosen preferred source.
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Quality Control Analysis

Numerous transfer errors such as wow/flutter, muffled audio, etc. cannot be identified with MD5s and other QC tools typically used in current preservation workflows. We hear poorly transferred audio with perfect MD5 checksums all the time. Although most audio transfer these days are done in mass digitization workflows, it is important to properly check the quality of the transfer work by investigating the sound in the digitized files. If high-quality boutique transfer is not an option for you, let us at least help you get the quality that your mass digitization vendors claim they are delivering, but are often not delivering. Often they are even unaware of the issues and simply assume the anomalies are built into the recording.

Sound Restoration

An excellent digital restoration is only possible with an excellent transfer of the best source. Shh! Our secret to great restoration is to simply make the analog capture as perfect as possible so minimal digital work is needed. Typically, restoration studios are less concerned about the transfer stage since removing transfer anomalies digitally is more lucrative than simply avoiding them in the first place. In fact, when older projects are re-evaluated, it is fairly common to see past restoration work done on sources with significant wow, distortion, and muffled frequency response that did not have to be there to begin with. Instead of spending huge sums of money fixing problems in the digital domain, it is better just to avoid them through better evaluation and transfer. When restoration is needed, though, the most sophisticated digital tools can be deployed to insure the best sound quality possible.

Sound Supervision / Consulting

From recording technology history to modern high-quality restorations, we are available to supervise and consult on the full range of legacy audio projects. The evolution of sound technology and sound quality over the years is remarkably under documented. This was partly because of secrecy within the sound industry, and partly because the history has been neglected and lost over the years. Let us help guide you through the arcane and misleading information that is presently available on sound technology history. Endpoint Audio also houses one of the largest collections of rare studio recording documents and working historic reference equipment in the world. We are constantly referencing these artifacts and documents to help insure we are extracting and presenting sound in the best way possible.
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What Format Do I Have?


Discover more about the formats we specialize in and use our visual guide to identify what you have if you're not sure.