1.Laser-assisted adjustadble mandrel

2.Cylinder concentricity adjustable to .001mm resolution

3.De-wow reference tone for eliminating additional wow

4.High throughput safetry mandrel

5.Easy mandrel flipping for reverse playback of difficult grooves

6.Simple threaded spindle drive nose for adding custom mandrels

7.Technics-type low wow/flutter brushless DC servo-motor spindle drive

8.Timestep vari-speed with semitone adjustment

9.Push-button tonearm lift-drop 10.Linear slide with adjustable location points

11.Adjustable vertical tracking angle

12.Low-temperature LED work light with dimmer

13.Groove Inspection microscope

14.Dictabelt playback features

15.Custom dewow and diagnostic software.


Dictabelt Playback

A sophisticated spring-loaded expanding mandrel allows for careful tensioning and smoothing of creases. There is ultra low rumble and wow/flutter at the slowest Dictabelt speeds, with laser centering functioning at any speed. In addition, the operator can quickly adjust playback speed.
dictablet pic only.jpg
Concert Cylinder Pic Only.jpg

Concert Cylinder Playback

Provides quick switching for concert sized cylinders.

Groove Microscope

A unique, long working distance allows microscope to remain usable at a safe distance for cylinder loading and unloading. Features a dark-field incident lighting for excellent groove detail. In addition, there is an optional mount and stand for using same microscope for disc inspection.

Custom De-wow Software

Includes PC-based software specifically designed for optimal de-wow of cylinders using the laser reference tone on the Endpoint Cylinder Machine. Uses background batch-processing for simplified archival workflow. Also provides advanced feature options for custom tuning and troubleshooting.
Software Only Pic.jpg